Very happy with Hayden’s hypnotherapy services. Have known her for many years as my massage therapist. Her knowledge and intuition as a hypnotherapist is phenomenal. I highly recommend Hayden.
Shelby F.

I have been working on processing some family trauma, for years. I had gotten to the point where I was not consumed by the issues, on a daily basis, yet many nights I would awaken and ruminate on unsettling thoughts, costing me sleep and peace of mind. I knew stuff was sitting in my subconscious, and I needed a way to move on, put things to rest, allowing me to move on in a healthy way. I decided to try hypnotherapy, with an open mind, but low expectations, as I tend to be a bit skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I was with the process, but more importantly, the results. After only a few sessions with Hayden, I could feel a huge shift and knew she had already helped me. Her approach is very delicate and thorough. I immediately felt that I could trust Hayden, and believe this is why I felt some immediate relief.

I highly recommend Hayden, and believe she has given me a huge gift in lifting a lifelong burden from my shoulders. My husband and friends have noticed a new lightness in me. If you are struggling with any issues, and looking for more peace in your life, I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Hayden.

Nancy F.

Hayden is very thorough in her practice and genuinely cares for others. She has helped me understand thought patterns and has been helping me work through subconscious thought patterns that I haven’t been able to work through in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Highly recommend it! She’s great ( I’ve made more progress in a few sessions than in years of therapy

Crysta R.

This is helping me release some of the chronic pain I’ve dealt with for years, and with that my energy is increasing.
Cindy A.

Hayden is a professional, ethical, and helpful hypnotherapist.

I came to Hayden during a multi-crisis time in my life. She was very patient and educational.

She explained to me how and why hypnosis will help me calm my mind as it was racing at 1000 mph, how it’s going to tap into my subconscious and put in positive thoughts to slowly start chipping away at all the negative thoughts.

It was a really cool experience and it did help me calm my mind and put me in a good head space to face all my crises at the time.

l’ve done all kinds of other therapy and hypnotherapy is something others should try.

Thanks, Hayden!

Felicia U.

My earliest sessions with Hayden were to help me quit smoking. Along with the hypnotherapy, she gave me a great amount of tools to help me quit, which I am proud to say I have done. She has helped me immensely with self esteem issues as well as sleep issues that I’ve had for a long time. The sessions are thorough and each one is different to provide new tools everytime you come to see her. She cares about her clients and you can feel it in the session. She records the hypnosis if you would like her to and sends it to you so you can listen as often as you need to, which I do need and am thankful for. I’ve had great success in doing hypnotherapy with Hayden as it is motivating to speak with her, and she really cares.

Diana C.